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  • You really do not understand how much the Wellness Elixir has helped me. I have been given all kinds of medication over the years, but the cramps after food now are literally none existence. Thank you Tummy Nurse, I cannot wait to try what else you have to offer. Victoria PicturePerfect
  • Chantelle Hesky
    “The Wellness Elixir instantly made my tummy feel less bloated and after a couple of days my bloating was gone! I wouldn’t be without it now”
    Chantelle Hesky
    Owner of Parea Alderly and wife to Emile Heskey
  • Victoria
    “I have been given all kinds of medication over the years but I swear the cramps etc after food are literally none existent now after taking the Wellness Elixir, thank you so much, can’t wait to try everything else you have to offer”
    Picture Perfect
  • Amanda Aadamson-Smith
    "This little bottle of goodness holds the mystical powers of a well being elixir. The name holds its own Tummy Nurse its founder dedicated in sharing its unique formula bring relief to so many. A staple must have to help and support well being and total tummy troubles. Highly recommended product 5 Star rated 🌟"
    Amanda Aadamson-Smith
  • Jade Valley
    “This product is fantastic. I have IBS and it really helped with bloating and cramps, it makes your tummy feel refreshed afterwards. Literally a hug in a bottle. Once you get past the taste you get used to it, it smells delicious like mince pies and mulled wine. Everything about this product is amazing, the packaging and the ingredients and the research too. Definitely worth a try if you suffer with tummy troubles”
    Jade Valley
  • Vicki Clare
    “These are magic in a pot feeling so so much better.highly reccomend the tummy nurse and such a lovely person too. Thank you xx”
    Vicki Clare
  • Liz Clark
    “Since taking the Weight Loss Licure my food cravings have stopped and I feel so much fuller for longer after meals, it’s amazing what powers a little bottle holds”
    Liz Clark
    Manager of the Tanya Bardsley Boutique
  • Jordan Adefeyisan
    “I take Detox Tonic after a night out, it removes the toxins from my body meaning I wake up hangover free, it’s amazing!”
    Jordan Adefeyisan
    Love Island
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